New Directions

I’m spending more and more time over on the forums at and think I probably won’t be back at this ‘blog very often. I’m still very active on Skye with loads going on, but I’m putting my projects on Permies rather than here. I never got on with the new editor format for WordPress, and enjoy the craic at Permies!

These are links to some of my project threads:

The Tree field: general progress in the tree field with a summary of what I’ve done to date.

Natural Farming: My efforts at a building a low input simple farming system

Chinampa: a new project on a water terrace/chinampa area

Perennial polycultures: growing food from alternative perennial food plants in polycultures

Do have a browse around there, and say ‘hello’ if you’ve come over from this ‘blog!

I’d just like to mention how great I found the recent master gardener program, and I really recommend it to anyone who is interested in improving and understanding the life in their soil, gardening without chemicals, improving the nutrition in the food they grow with minimal external inputs. This is a little taster video:


3 thoughts on “New Directions

  1. certainly gets different reactions to WP. I’ve more or less stopped blogging but it’s nice to keep up with what others are doing. I’ll take a look at your posts on Permies now.

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    1. When I do ‘blog posts I put quite a bit of effort in. For some reason I don’t need to put the same effort in on Permies. I think it is because, as a discussion forum, things are never finished and don’t have to be polished. It seems a bit livelier with more interaction. Mostly I just got disheartened with the WP editor though.


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